Thangka Karma Gardri

In the realm of space unborn, unobstructed mind
Forms arise through the dynamic play of creativity
Though these may come and go with the passage of time
To join in this artistic dance is magic unceasing

Gega Lama (1931 - 1996)

Principles of Tibetan Art

Brand new digitally remastered 4th edition of Gega Lama´s unique guide to the art of Tibetan Thangka Painting.
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Important notice: Sadly we need to announce that since 2011 an unauthorised, unrightfully appropriated edition of Principles of Tibetan Art has been in circulation, among others via a website called Epubli, in which the person responsible for this breach of trust also claims a supposed co-authorship of the book. Please note that no other authors were ever involved in Gega Lama´s work and therefore any authorised publication of his work will only ever feature Gega Lama´s name as the sole author, not even his son´s name, let alone any other. No work of Gega Lama´s should be published by anyone other than Tharphen Lingtsang, son, successor and heir of Gega Lama´s legacy and holder of the Karma Gardri Tradition. Moreover, Tharphen Lingtsang is not represented by anyone other than himself and some of his family members. Therefore, at present, the only way to purchase an authorised edition of Principles of Tibetan Art is by placing your order via the above email address, which will go directly to Tharphen Lingtsang and those family members who assist him in his work. Please also contact Tharphen in case of doubt or if you suspect that unauthorised publications might still be circulating. Thank you for your help in solving this situation, which has caused serious damage and grief to Gega Lama´s family, and which we hope will soon belong to the past.